Monthly Archives: February 2013

McGovern Family | Houston Photographer

We spent this afternoon running around after a very active and sweet toddler in Discovery Green.  Vanessa and Mike are friends and neighbors of mine, and it has been so fun to watch their son grow up (just a few short months behind our daughter).  I never dreamed he would have this much energy, but we had a blast taking family pictures in downtown Houston today.  Just look at that playful spirit!  Vanessa and I were chatting about how we think this may be one of those “best” times that we look back on — just like that sweet 6-8 month stage before crawling starts, at 14-18 months old kids are on the cusp of some big changes.  It’s so important to cherish it, even if it’s exhausting!

Jackson & Hudson | Houston + Katy Photographer

I have known Hillary since I was practically a toddler myself, and I was thrilled to get to take family photos of her and her adorable boys.  Jackson just celebrated a milestone by turning 2, and Hudson is nearly six months old himself.  This family gives me hope that I can survive having kids spaced 19 months apart!  I’m so glad I got to spend some time with them at Terry Hershey Park in Katy on Sunday.


Chloe and Family | Houston Family Photographer

Chloe and her mom and dad met me for some mid-day photos in Eleanor Tinsley Park on Sunday, and I really enjoyed meeting them!  Chloe was so calm — especially for having been woken up from a car-ride nap when they first arrived — and she was busy observing everything around her as we walked around the park and took pictures.  At one point, her mom brought out a book for her to look at, and Chloe just lit up!  At around 8 months old, she’s doing great if she already has a love of reading.  Emily and Chris, I enjoyed meeting you and Chloe, and I hope you savor these times when she is not fully mobile or too impatient yet!

Lily and Family | Houston Baby Photographer

I met up with this sweet family late this morning and I was so excited to see little Lily now that she has blossomed from the newborn stage to become an alert and inquisitive 4-1/2 month old baby.  Her parents are friends of mine from church, and I was glad they could join me in Eleanor Tinsley Park near downtown today.  It was sunny and bright out, without a cloud in the sky, and Lily was feeling very content to have so much attention and to be able to gum on those little baby hands while we walked around and took some family pictures.

Nastassja and Family | Houston Family Photographer

I met up with Nastassja, Mark, and their son in Hermann Park this afternoon, after some parking mishaps — who knew everyone in Houston would decide to either be at Hermann Park or at the Galleria (apparently)?  We had a nice time commiserating over our over-active toddlers and the crazy pace of life lately, and I was happy to be able to catch some big smiles from their son.  Young toddlerhood is such a fun stage!  It just happens to be very difficult to document as a camera-happy parent, which is where I come in.