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Coming Soon… | Houston Maternity Photographer

Reaching the final stages of pregnancy brings with it so many mixed emotions.  You are physically strained and a bit miserable, anxious and even frightened… but at the same time, you’re also excited, hopeful, and peaceful.  Knowing that in days you will probably be holding your baby is just an overwhelming feeling, and it’s a thought that can carry you through the embarrassing and horrible comments from strangers and daily little physical humiliations.

Belly Photo - 39 weeks

I am so grateful to be at this point in my own pregnancy.  This weekend marks 39 weeks, and beginning on Monday, if I haven’t already had the baby (fingers crossed!) I will be taking time off from my full-time job and beginning my maternity leave.  My photography business will also see a brief maternity leave, as I am not currently planning to take on any clients in the month of April, but there will probably still be some activity here on the blog when we welcome our son.  Obviously, in between exhausted naps and feeding and diaper changes, I will be happily snapping away, taking copious newborn photos.  I plan to put together a “behind the scenes of a newborn photo session” blog post in April, since I think my living room will probably be constantly set up for pictures whenever possible!

Please contact me to schedule a session in May or any time this summer!  For now, I am peacefully waiting on our son, full of plans for the future.

Maternity Self-Portrait

Spring has Sprung! | Wall Art Photography

It’s springtime in Houston, and that means three things:  azaleas, bluebonnets… and pollen!  While I’m taking a break from portrait photography until May, I’ve decided to start a personal project of sorts, to photograph flowers once a week.  I am getting to know my macro lens a little bit better, and it’s an exciting change of pace from portrait photography — quieter, more intentional, with a lot of artistic potential.  I’ll publish the photos here, and will also make them available as prints for purchase, to be used as wall art, if anyone is interested.  The link to purchase is here.

The last two weeks have seen some beautiful flowers — Texas bluebonnets, and of course, azaleas.  If you have any special requests, leave them in the comments!

Yarborough Family Photos | Houston + Woodlands Family Photographer

Part two (actually part one in chronological order) of last Friday’s session with this fun family is below. We met at Rob Fleming Park in the Woodlands in the afternoon, and I loved taking pictures of these two very active boys! The youngest boy is turning one this month, and the older boy is one happy three year old. We got to see some bluebonnets (which haven’t quite bloomed down south or west yet), and even had some fun playing peek-a-boo in the flowers.  Here is a sneak peek of our photos from Friday.

Joshua’s One Year Cake Smash | Houston + Woodlands Baby Photographer

A baby’s first birthday is so exciting — as a parent, it feels like the culmination of so much hard work, and you have so much to be proud of. Family and friends celebrate your child’s milestone, and the day itself can go by in a blur. I’m so glad that these proud parents asked me to photograph baby Joshua’s big cake smash in advance of his birthday this month! I met this happy family at Rob Fleming Park in the Woodlands, and we got a little messy — but not as messy as I’d expected!   Happy birthday, Joshua!

Joshua Cake Smash

Evan at Four Months | Houston Baby Photographer

I was so excited to see this little guy again on Sunday afternoon. Three to four months old is such a sweet time for a parent! It’s as though your baby has just “woken up” to the world, watching intently but finally interacting, too. It’s also the time that many of us working moms head back to work — I’m not sure what it is that just sounds “right” about a three-month leave, but I know for myself and for Evan’s mom this was the magic date. It brings so many mixed emotions to see your child developing and to return to a schedule that drastically reduces the amount of time you spend together. That’s just another reason why professional photos at three to four months are a great idea!