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Baby A at 3 Months | Houston Baby Photographer

This little girl is so near to my heart! She was born only a few weeks before my own son, and I was lucky to get to photograph her when she was a newborn.  She has grown so much in the last 3 months, and I love watching it happen!  We did this session in Baby A’s home, nice and leisurely on a rainy day.  I love it when I’m asked to incorporate blankets and other things that are special to a family to their pictures!  Especially when it’s a little family that is special to me, like this one!

3 month old girl

3 month old girl photos

Mommy & Me with Jennifer | Houston Family Photographer

This is a second in a series of posts sharing the Mother’s Day mini sessions that I offered.

Jennifer and her daughter are so sweet together, and you can tell by watching them interact that there is so much love and such a wonderful closeness there.  Jennifer is a sort of mom role model for me — she works so hard and is successful, yet no one would ever, ever doubt that her family is her absolute top priority.  She is inspiring and I love watching her daughter grow!

Jennifer and her daughter's mommy & me mini session

Jennifer & daughter's mommy & me mini session

This girl is just so beautiful… even when she pouts!

Jennifer's daughter - mommy & me mini session

Michele’s First Mother’s Day | Houston Family Photographer

This is the first in a series of three posts to share some Mother’s Day mini sessions!  The few days leading up to Saturday were wet, especially Friday, so the ground was a little muddy.  We made the best of it, though, and Saturday morning ended up being pretty beautiful!

Michele’s daughter is 9 months old and so adorable — she has two sweet little teeth that are in, and more on the way.  Because we had some stuff open up on our schedules, we hung around for a little longer than our planned 20 minutes, and I’m glad we did!

Mommy and Me Mini Session - Michele (1)

Mommy and Me Mini Session - Michele (2)

May Flowers | Flower Macro Photos

I picked up these flowers on Thursday of last week, when we were having all that strange weather.  Daily rain isn’t that unusual for this time of year, obviously — April showers bring May flowers — but the rain brought with it a very unseasonable cold front.  I think last week we broke a record for lowest low temperature in Houston for this late in the spring.  I’ve heard a surprising number of friends complain about this, but honestly, what could be better than mild temperatures when the sun comes out?  We had a beautiful weekend and I’m sure we’ll all be wishing for a random cold front a month from now when our highs are in the 90s.  Let’s enjoy all the beautiful greenery before the sun scorches away our more delicate plants!

Baby Harrison | Houston Heights Newborn Photographer

I loved meeting this little guy on Saturday!  I just love taking photos of newborns, especially now, so recently after having my son.  The little yawns and stretches, that searching look when they’re hungry or being held by someone new… too sweet!  Little Harrison was only 11 days old, and he was nice and sleepy for us.  I enjoyed chatting with his mom & dad, who are also alumni of my two alma maters (A&M and Rice), and I’m so glad they asked me to photograph this special time in their lives!