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January Letters to My Son | Personal Photos

The 2013 “letters to our children” blog circle is over, but since Ben was only born in April 2013, I wanted to continue through a full year of letters to my son. 

Dear Ben,

Everything has been changing for our family in the last month. We left Houston; you took your first plane ride; we went from cold temperatures to very warm; you spent more time with me and Dad than you have since you were born, as we took a lot of vacation time; we’ve lived out of a suitcase for the entire last month; you’re spending your weekdays with your new nanny in Singapore.

What else could possibly change? Oh, yeah — there’s much more. Practically everything about you, in fact. More teeth, more hair (you need your first trim soon!), you’re getting bigger, you’re tasting more foods, you’re learning new skills. You are changing every day, and your days are usually filled with energy and joy. And whining.

To back up a bit, you experienced your first Christmas. You weren’t too interested in the rituals, but you loved to play with the tissue paper and bags, and you loved spending time as a family. We were terrified that you and your sister would catch the flu from Grandpa, but apart from that, you were free to roam everywhere, and you were surrounded by all of us for days on end.

What have you loved most about our new home? I think that, while you didn’t love to spend time in the stroller at first, you’ve come to really enjoy it when we go out together. You love to pull yourself to sitting straight up in the chair in the front, and snack on whatever we’ll give you in the tray.

Playing at home has been brought to a new level, as you want to stand constantly (not standing up on your own yet though), and there is much banging, shrieking, chewing, and speed-crawling across the room in our small serviced (temporary) apartment. Between you and your sister, there’s no peace in this place!

One week ago, your nanny joined us. We’re so happy that you get along with her; she’s always willing to play with you both, and you love to be held by her. She’s also helping us deal with your ever-growing appetite, by boiling carrots for you, making you rice, and making sure you get some yummy fruits and veggies apart from your jars.


You’re growing up so beautiful. I guess I shouldn’t use that word since you’re a boy, but I love looking at your soft features, and your long eyelashes. I love your goofy, toothy smile (four teeth totally out, 2 that recently cut through), and that giggle. You’re nine months old. You’ve been out in the world for as long as I was pregnant with you, which is kind of a weird thought. We’re starting to feel impatient for you to be able to walk, though I don’t know why, because then you’ll be unstoppable. I have this weird feeling that you might start to say words before you walk, as you seem to be almost there. I’m happy to say that you seem to call for me, “Mama.”

Love, Mom

Ten on Ten: January 2014 | Personal Photos

A new year, a new blog circle! This year I am participating with a group of woman photographers in a project in which we publish ten photos taken within a single day, on the tenth of each month. It’s a kind of “day in the life of” project, which is perfect since I happen to have a sorta interesting life these days that I would love to share with those back in Houston and elsewhere in the US!

For those who don’t know, we moved to Singapore just after Christmas.  Yes, Singapore — 14 hours ahead of Houston, 25 hours of travel away from Houston; the other side of the world. Without further ado, my Ten from January 4th!

All of these photos were taken in our day walking around the Orchard, Clarke Quay, and Chinatown areas of Singapore, ending in Pagoda Street. Notice that the city is gearing up for Chinese New Year, which is at the end of January — 2014 will be the Year of the Horse.

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