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Ten on Ten: June | Personal Photos

This month, my ten photos were taken on a trip over to the Gardens by the Bay, which is in the Marina Bay area of Singapore. It’s amazing that something like 20 years ago, the entire bay area didn’t exist (it’s reclaimed land); even when I was here in 2008 for a work trip, the Gardens and Marina Bay Sands hotel were still totally under construction.

The Gardens are an interesting architectural feature in themselves. They consist of some outdoor gardens, and two glass and metal domes. The domes are like greenhouses, but they are the opposite of every other greenhouse, in that they are temperature-controlled to be cool — and instead of displaying tropical plants, they bring in different exhibits of European flowers, since they are more “exotic” than the orchids and palms that line the streets here! This month, the exhibit is flowers from France.

We visited the first dome, the flower dome, when we had family in town back in April. This time, we toured both domes, including the “cloud rainforest” dome. Right when you walk in the door, you are greeted by this huge waterfall! The kids loved it.

There was a display on stalagmites and crystals, and we noticed something odd — inside the geodes, past tourists had thrown coins in.

We finished our trip with lunch at the park, and Elodie had a bento box of fish and chips — if that’s not Singaporean, with its mix of eastern and British food sensibilities, then I don’t know what is. Except, you know, laksa.

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