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Ten on Ten: July | Personal Photos

I got a little experimental tonight, with my birthday present: my new Lensbaby! It’s a composer pro with Sweet 35 optic. I’m still getting the hang of it, and I wouldn’t say my shots had a lot of focus (har har, pun intended) or purpose, but it was fun to play with it for the very first time on this outing to Marina Bay. It seems like so many of my monthly ten photos take place in this area, but I promise I don’t just hang around there, snapping photos! We went tonight with my parents, who are visiting us for the first time in Singapore. Hopefully later this week I will get some cute shots of them with my kids, but for those I will go back to my regular lenses, of course.

We started at the Shoppes at Marina Bay. It’s a swanky mall connected to the casino, and on the bay they have a nightly light show, of which we caught a couple of minutes. I would say that the most breathtaking views were not the light show, but the buildings themselves, and the view across the water.

The walk from the back of the Shoppes leads along the bay towards a big Science and Art Museum; this is another iconic Marina Bay building, as it looks like a little white blooming flower.

We walked on, to the Helix bridge, which is lit up very brightly at night with purple lights. It looks very science fiction, and it’s really nice to stroll across it toward the Flyer.

The Flyer at night is definitely more compelling than in the daytime. The views of the city lit up are breathtaking, a little bit surreal, and I’m so glad to be able to share those views with my parents during their visit.

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