Christine Lambeth Photography specializes in natural light, on-location, “lifestyle” and portrait photography.

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About Christine

photo credit Kelly Garvey 2013

I do work full-time and have two very fun and active children, so I will only be taking limited portrait clients each month. I work for a major oil, gas & petrochemical company (I studied Chemical Engineering at Texas A&M, and have an MBA from Rice). In other words, I need photography in my life as a creative (though still very technical) escape and outlet! And I enjoy working with clients, too.

I love to travel, and have been fortunate to travel extensively for work and for leisure over the years. We spent 2014-15 living in Singapore, in Southeast Asia, and loved it — even though we were excited to move back to Houston where our “roots” are.

I’ve always had a love of photography and cameras!  I enjoy learning, and photography has been an amazing outlet for me — there is always more to learn, and new perspectives to take on the beautiful everyday.  My other “right brain” passions include reading, sewing, and knitting. You may occasionally see some of my craft projects appear in the blog.

If you’re interested in the equipment that I use, check out What’s in my Camera Bag.