Announcement | New Price Structure

**Note that as of mid-July, all available sessions have been scheduled in July and August, so all new sessions will be scheduled at the new rates**

As you may already know, I have been offering limited-time, portfolio-building prices since I opened for business in February.  This has given me such a great opportunity to meet new people and get myself out there as a photographer, and I’m so glad to have taken this time to “ease into” the business side of this passion of mine!  However, the time has come for me to end my limited-time special and move into a new pricing model.

Effective August 1, my photography services will be charged under a different model.  I will be moving to a session fee, due at the time of booking (refundable, see details on my updated pricing page), with three collections and several a la carte items that can be selected for purchase after the session.  The standard session fee will include a gallery of 25-30 images from which you can select images.

Collections will include different levels of digital and print packages, ranging from 10 digital images to the entire session’s images.  All purchased digital negatives are delivered on a USB and include high resolution print files (with print release), and lower resolution web files.  A large part of why I’m moving to this model is to help my clients decide which images they really love — then, only purchase the images they love, though I hope you love them all! — and get those images tangibly in your hands in the form of high-quality prints.  Life is busy, and unfortunately many of us have photos that we love, yet they stay hidden in a folder on our computers or buried on our Facebook timelines after a week or so.  These collections provide that extra push to make sure you come away with something you can put in your home.  Additional prints and other professional-quality products are always available a la carte, as well.

To book a session at the current rates, please contact me prior to July 31 to schedule your session; sessions at the old rates must take place prior to August 31.  All inquiries after July 31 will be subject to the new pricing model.  I’m so excited about the upcoming changes for my business!  Stay tuned for a peek at my new packaging and some other fun changes & events happening over the next few months!