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This post is part of an ongoing blog circle with several other woman photographers, writing monthly letters to our children.  Link to the next letter is at the bottom of this post.  It’s been a great way for me to document more intentionally the connection I have with my son, born in April, despite the chaos of our daily lives!

Dear Benjamin,

I love you.  This last month has been wild and stressful and full — and I feel like the last couple of weeks in particular have been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to slow down, breathe, and just tell you that I love you.

Baby boy 3 month old photos

I started back at my full-time job on August 1, hitting the ground running with 9-hour workdays, and obviously that has been a huge change for both of us.  You, of course, are faring slightly better than I am in the transition.  You’re the happy-go-luckiest boy, so laidback and happy, that you love daycare and have taken to the bottle like a champ.  Mama?  Not so easy — between work, pumping, the photography business, chores, and everything else that fills every nook and cranny of my time — I am realizing at the end of the day how very lucky I am, to have had the four months home with you that I did.  I won’t say that I want to go back to those times, because I love working.  But I do miss you, and our peaceful times at home when you just want to look around the room and be held.

You went to your four-month pediatric appointment last week, and we found out that you are in the 95th percentile in length, and around 50th percentile in weight and head size.  So as much as we keep going back and forth about who you look most like (still cycling between Brad and me), now it seems that my dad may have some influence on you, too.  You’re healthy and sweet, but I don’t have a lot more to share on your developmental milestones.  I think we do have some second child laziness going on here, because I just haven’t been watching you with milestones in mind, and I’m approaching things in a very when-you-get-there-you-get-there kind of way.  I guess you’re not rolling, though you do roll from tummy to back fairly well.  You’re reaching for things with some sense of purpose, and pulling them to your face (especially blankets and your froggy pacifier).  Brad tried to get you to hold your own bottle, but you aren’t quite there yet.  You laugh some, smile a lot, and your cries have gotten a little more controlled than they used to be.  You’re still mostly a good sleeper, though it seems that on the days we’re most stressed, you tend to want to eat until the wee hours.

Some highlights of the last month were getting to meet some baby boy friends and spending time visiting suburbia (you’ve now visited League City and Katy, in addition to Sugar Land and Humble — travelin’ man); you’ve been watched by babysitters a few weekday evenings, allowing your dad and me to have a few dates; you’ve tried a little cereal, about which I am skeptical but following the wisdom of your doctor and daycare; you’ve been to the Galleria with me as I went to rebuild my work wardrobe.  Elodie visits you during the day at daycare, and calls you “Elodie’s baby,” and gives you many kisses.  A funny story from this month is from this past weekend — our power went out, so we spent the night out at Nana and Grandpa’s for the first time since you’ve been born.  We ran into a snag since we only have one portable crib set up, and you ended up sleeping… in a dresser drawer pulled out on the floor next to our bed!  It was very old-timey and hilarious (except that it was not the greatest night of sleep of your life or ours).

Thank you for enduring all of the stress with us, and I will try to slow down a little for the next few months.

Love, Mom

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5 thoughts on “August Letters to My Son | Personal Photos

  1. Kristy

    Love this sweet letter! Glad to hear it’s going well back at work…such a handsome little man! 🙂

  2. Allie

    Going back to work was way harder for me than my daughter, too. That first month was crazy but it sounds like you’re keeping your head above water. Coming home to that adorable face can’t hurt. 😉

  3. Jessica

    I can’t believe how big he is already! Wow he’s just adorable! Good luck with back to work- the build up to it really is the worst part!

  4. carrie

    I totally hear you on the going back to work, balancing life at home, pumping, the photog biz. It’s a slog, but it only gets easier over time. Sounds like you are handling things pretty well! I’ve learned that if mom & dad are thriving individually and as a couple, the kids will naturally thrive too.

  5. Davina

    Sounds like you are doing amazing! 9 hour days at work? Wow! You have so much on your plate and yet, you still find time to write such sweet letters and take beautiful images of your sweet baby boy. You go, Mama!! I adore this post!

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