Auntie Love | Personal Photos

We couldn’t be more excited for Elodie’s auntie Tosha as she prepares to move out of the country next month! But obviously there is also a painful part of this, because it means we have to say goodbye for now. She has been such a wonderful aunt to both of our kids, and Elodie loves the nights when she stops by and reads her stories and gets her to bed. It will be so different not to have her aunt nearby, but of course we will make sure to see each other and talk often, with video chat.  We had this photo session together one morning last week along Buffalo Bayou, and watching their happy faces playing together in this field just makes my heart swell.  We got some beautiful images that I know will go on the walls of both of our homes, as a sweet reminder that we are a family, near and far.

15 thoughts on “Auntie Love | Personal Photos

  1. Audrey Boehme

    What a great idea to capture their relationship together before she leaves! These are so sweet, I’m sure they will both treasure them down the road.

  2. Brandy

    So sweet!! It’s so awesome you could capture their relationship before she leaves…something that they both can treasure 🙂

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