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Obviously the last several days have been incredible on many levels for me and our family, but it’s been especially fun for me to have unrestricted access to a sweet, squishy newborn to photograph (who I happen to adore).  I’ve been taking newborn photos basically daily, and I thought I’d use this opportunity to give everyone an idea of what my setup may look like for your in-home newborn session.  While I like to take a combination of modern newborn portraits (posed photos) and more lifestyle photos (more natural photos of interactions between mom, dad, siblings, and baby), since I am the mom in this case, I’m really only talking about the posed photos in this post.  Please, ignore my messy house!  But it does go to show that you only need to focus on the areas you want photographed when you are de-cluttering 🙂

Typically we can expect to spend 2-3 hours together for newborn photos, and I will ask you in advance to think a bit about which areas of your home have the best lighting, and have those areas clear of clutter.  I’ll also ask you to keep your home as warm as possible, close to 80 degrees — this will help baby to stay sleepy.  I try to take newborn photos beginning mid-morning, around 9 or 10 am, and we would first work on getting a few photos with the family in case we’re working around sibling schedules.

Many of the posed newborn photos we will take will involve me setting up a blanket as a backdrop, over a positioner that I will bring (a shaped pillow), which we’ll place on a chair or ottoman.  Safety is always a top priority, and anything we put your baby on or in will be properly secured and counterweighted!  My preference for the posed newborn photos setup would be to use what you have in your home rather than my big backdrop stand, but if you feel limited then we can always set it up.  We can use anything from the back of your sofas and armchairs, to high wooden chair backs.

In between the layers of blankets, we’ll be prepared for any little accidents!  Don’t worry about anything — it happens nearly every time, and everything I use is washable!  And we’ll protect your furniture as well.

I’ll place a space heater nearby before we get started to get the area nice and warm, because we’ll want to get a few shots (as long as you are comfortable) of you sweet baby in his birthday suit, and we want him to stay warm and sleepy.

I hope this is helpful for anyone who is nervous about having a photographer in their home with their days-old baby, and gives you an idea of what to expect!

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