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November Letters to my Son | Personal Photos

This post is part of an ongoing blog circle with several other woman photographers, writing monthly letters to our children.  Link to the next letter is at the bottom of this post.  It’s been a great way for me to document more intentionally the connection I have with my son, born in April, despite the chaos of our daily lives!

Dear Ben,

You have exploded with new skills and personality over the last month.  Seriously — one day, you couldn’t sit up on your own without flopping forwards, mouth to toes; then, suddenly, you were army crawling across our bed.  About 12 seconds later (okay, a few days), you were crawling “for real,” on hands and knees.  And you haven’t stopped!  You crawl all over our house, which has reignited my passion for keeping our hardwood floors clean.  I’ve been vacuuming on a daily basis and I still catch you with dust bunnies being slowly raised to your mouth.  That’s another thing you’re doing lately: putting absolutely everything in your mouth.  Your two baby teeth on bottom are in and you are a drool machine.  You also love to eat, you’re eating two to three meals (fruit and veggie purees) per day.  Oh, and you’ve mastered the sitting up thing, too, even pulling yourself up to sitting.  I’m starting to get a little worried — the last couple of days you’ve been earnestly trying to pull yourself up to stand.  I don’t think it’s physically possible with your wobbly little self just yet, so I’m hoping I have at least another month or two before we’re there.  You’re only seven months old!  Slow down, speed racer!

You got to experience your first Halloween, though all this meant for you was the traditional skeleton pajamas, and getting squeezed into a too-small banana costume at daycare for a few minutes for the party.  We’ve spent lots of time with Nana and Grandpa this month, between Halloween, your first night away from us overnight, your Uncle Robert’s visit, and your baptism this last week.  At your baptism, we were also treated with a visit from your auntie and Grandpa.  You seem to enjoy being around everyone (you especially like your new godfather), but no one compares with Elodie.  You. love. Elodie.  You watch her, you smile at each other, you even almost play together.  That’s not to say you’re never mad at each other, but it is just so wonderful to be your parents when we see you acting sweetly connected.  Earlier this month, she was big into tickling you wildly.  She later moved onto singing for you, and now she likes to jump with you in your jumperoo, and she even tries to read to you sometimes.

Another tradition you may not be aware of, is our annual Christmas card photo-taking torture time.  This tradition began with Elodie’s first Christmas and we are going strong, having completed the third year, and your first.  This is a super fun time in which Mom wrestles with you and E to try to get you to sit still and pose adorably while taking your photo to use in a Christmas card.  It worked out, and you of course behaved very nicely.

Some other random notes from this month, in no particular order:  footie pajamas have been your friend as it’s gotten very cold overnight in our drafty old house; you’ve spit up on our down comforter approximately 12 times now; we said goodbye to Penny this month, as we had to find her a new home before our move (Roger will be next); we think your first word will be “bottle” because you keep saying “buh” happily.  I was away from you for the longest I’ve ever been, a work trip that took me to North Carolina for 5 nights.  You had surgery — ear tubes — last week (and you recovered very quickly, of course).  You still fall asleep in the swing before we transfer you to your crib most nights.  You are still a mama’s boy, and I still love it.

Love, Mom

Thanks for reading!  Now you can click through to the next blog in our circle, Kristy’s letter to her daughter!

The Sweetest Seven-Month-Old | Houston Baby Photographer

Miss A. was absolutely the sweetest seven-month-old.  Our session back in September was so much fun — it was the first day of fall, and the first day that it felt like it, too.  A gorgeous morning, gorgeous family, and gorgeous light made this a really laidback session, and through all of her outfit changes, this little one stayed so happy to be out at the park with her parents.

Nothing says the start of fall like some school spirit!

I’m slowly getting caught up on blogging this fall’s sessions!  While I am no longer booking sessions in 2013, I still have a lot to share!

Petting Zoo for the Big 2 | Houston Event Photographer

This guy’s second birthday party was such a blast!  His parents did such an outstanding job planning this party, from the petting zoo and horse rides, to the snacks, barbecue, and favors.  Everyone had a great time, especially the cute little birthday boy.  He ran from one animal to the next with a handful of hay, and had a great time seeing his friends!  It was a perfect morning, and I’m so glad I was able to help capture it!

2nd birthday party - barn themed with petting zoo

Horse rides second birthday party

2nd birthday barn party - haystack

Boy's second birthday party - barn animals

I know I’ve been pretty behind in blogging and I am going to get caught up this month for sure!  Things have been busy around here and they will continue to be through November!  Stay tuned for some cute newborn photos, maternity photos, and of course family photos coming to the blog soon!

The H Family | Houston Family Photographer

This is one of my favorite families — we’ve always been able to relate well with each other with our toddlers going through the same hilarious and exhausting personality developments — but I have to say, this was a tough session.  Not because of toddler craziness or even the heat, but the mosquitoes were completely, completely out of control.  Definitely the worst weekend we had all summer for mosquitoes, and the grassy Montrose-area park we had our session in was swarming with them.  This was in early August, and I still have the marks from the 30+ bites that I got (and that’s with bug spray).  One of the disadvantages of being the one behind the camera… no hands to swat away bugs!  Regardless, this family did a great job of brushing it off, and we got some adorable photos of their family of 3, plus baby on the way.

Family of three sitting on bench photos

Family under oak tree photos

Family under oak tree and maternity composite

Family on bench

Mom, Dad, and toddler son

Toddler boy with pregnant mom belly

Thanks for looking!  I am booked for full sessions through the end of the year but there is still time to book a mini session on October 12th, details found here.

August Letters to My Son | Personal Photos

This post is part of an ongoing blog circle with several other woman photographers, writing monthly letters to our children.  Link to the next letter is at the bottom of this post.  It’s been a great way for me to document more intentionally the connection I have with my son, born in April, despite the chaos of our daily lives!

Dear Benjamin,

I love you.  This last month has been wild and stressful and full — and I feel like the last couple of weeks in particular have been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to slow down, breathe, and just tell you that I love you.

Baby boy 3 month old photos

I started back at my full-time job on August 1, hitting the ground running with 9-hour workdays, and obviously that has been a huge change for both of us.  You, of course, are faring slightly better than I am in the transition.  You’re the happy-go-luckiest boy, so laidback and happy, that you love daycare and have taken to the bottle like a champ.  Mama?  Not so easy — between work, pumping, the photography business, chores, and everything else that fills every nook and cranny of my time — I am realizing at the end of the day how very lucky I am, to have had the four months home with you that I did.  I won’t say that I want to go back to those times, because I love working.  But I do miss you, and our peaceful times at home when you just want to look around the room and be held.

You went to your four-month pediatric appointment last week, and we found out that you are in the 95th percentile in length, and around 50th percentile in weight and head size.  So as much as we keep going back and forth about who you look most like (still cycling between Brad and me), now it seems that my dad may have some influence on you, too.  You’re healthy and sweet, but I don’t have a lot more to share on your developmental milestones.  I think we do have some second child laziness going on here, because I just haven’t been watching you with milestones in mind, and I’m approaching things in a very when-you-get-there-you-get-there kind of way.  I guess you’re not rolling, though you do roll from tummy to back fairly well.  You’re reaching for things with some sense of purpose, and pulling them to your face (especially blankets and your froggy pacifier).  Brad tried to get you to hold your own bottle, but you aren’t quite there yet.  You laugh some, smile a lot, and your cries have gotten a little more controlled than they used to be.  You’re still mostly a good sleeper, though it seems that on the days we’re most stressed, you tend to want to eat until the wee hours.

Some highlights of the last month were getting to meet some baby boy friends and spending time visiting suburbia (you’ve now visited League City and Katy, in addition to Sugar Land and Humble — travelin’ man); you’ve been watched by babysitters a few weekday evenings, allowing your dad and me to have a few dates; you’ve tried a little cereal, about which I am skeptical but following the wisdom of your doctor and daycare; you’ve been to the Galleria with me as I went to rebuild my work wardrobe.  Elodie visits you during the day at daycare, and calls you “Elodie’s baby,” and gives you many kisses.  A funny story from this month is from this past weekend — our power went out, so we spent the night out at Nana and Grandpa’s for the first time since you’ve been born.  We ran into a snag since we only have one portable crib set up, and you ended up sleeping… in a dresser drawer pulled out on the floor next to our bed!  It was very old-timey and hilarious (except that it was not the greatest night of sleep of your life or ours).

Thank you for enduring all of the stress with us, and I will try to slow down a little for the next few months.

Love, Mom

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