Christin, Bob, & Baby P | Houston Maternity Photographer

I was so happy to photograph these two as they wait on the arrival of their first child! We met in downtown Houston and enjoyed slightly cooler temperatures (for the middle of summer) since it rained earlier in the day. It ended up being a beautiful evening, and this couple was a lot of fun. They were making jokes about not being able to hug around the baby, which made me laugh because I remember being pregnant like it was yesterday (since it practically was)! Β It’s so obvious to anyone observing them that they are best friends — considerate, candid, loving, and goofy with each other, all at once — and that they are going to make awesome parents. Congratulations, Christin & Bob!

Maternity photos - happy couple

Maternity photos - hands holding belly

Pregnant couple in front of colorful wall - photo session

Maternity photos - couple in love

11 thoughts on “Christin, Bob, & Baby P | Houston Maternity Photographer

  1. robin

    These are so sweet, you did a great job capturing their excitement! I love the one of them looking at each other from the belly view.

  2. Michelle Mez

    They are so happy and clearly in love and thrilled. I’m excited for them!
    These photos are great – especially the pic + story about them hugging around the baby. Pretty soon they will be able to bear hug that little one and this picture will be a fond memory!

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