June Letters to our Children | Personal Photos

This is part of a monthly blog circle with 15 other talented women & photographers, in which we write letters to our children.

Dear Benjamin,

Your third month of life has been the best and worst of times — thankfully the fun and adorable times outnumber the rip-our-hair-out screaming jags, but you are keeping us guessing with your timing of said fits.  Sleeping through the night occasionally, you lack consistency; nap times during the day are all or nothing; even the schedule of your, ahem, diapers is all over the map.  I suppose that, put nicely, you march to the beat of your own drum.

Your 2-month checkup went well, and you are above average for size (65-75% on all measures).  The only hiccup in your development so far is that you favor your right side, and your head is flattening there.  This has resulted in your dad and I constantly turning you the other way, it’s an ongoing battle but I’m confident things will work out.  You’re growing so fast — we had to retire some of the 0-3 month items that run a little small, and we’ve added some 3-6 month pajamas to your rotation.  We’re using the last box of size 1 diapers now, and soon you will graduate to 2.  Looks-wise, you are really resembling your dad in just about every way now, though Nana insists that you have my forehead (of all things).  You and El are obviously related, and I love that.

You stare at mobiles like no other baby I’ve seen — joyfully!  We’re trying to work more tummy time into your day, which you do not love. You aren’t really rolling over yet, but every now and then you’ll roll yourself from tummy to back.  You love all of us very much, and you give the greatest smiles to me, your dad, and to Elodie.  We’re in the middle of a stressful move, but you are of course blissfully unaware of all of that.  I’m not sure how much you’ll like having hardwood floors rather than carpet, but we’ll see how you do (and hopefully get some good rugs to cushion us).

It’s flying by so quickly this time around, with you.  I hope that even though our days speed by, and that even though I’m very busy lately, you have some sense of how much I love you.

Love, Mom

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