Overcast at the Arboretum | Personal Photos

Today has been a gray day, in more ways than one.  Our daughter has been sick the last few days, and our household has been sapped of energy.  So, a trip outside and a nature walk at the Arboretum was just the thing to entertain our pitiful little girl.  While she was a bit dazed as we strolled around, she enjoyed getting out to walk, and looking at the pond with turtles.  This was also a kind of errand — Mom was doing some location scouting for some upcoming family sessions.  I can’t wait until later in the spring and summer, the Arboretum will be a great spot for photos!  But, for now, the trees and greenery are not quite vibrant enough.  All the same, we had a fun outing and I captured a couple of sweet pictures of my husband and daughter by the pond.