Petting Zoo for the Big 2 | Houston Event Photographer

This guy’s second birthday party was such a blast!  His parents did such an outstanding job planning this party, from the petting zoo and horse rides, to the snacks, barbecue, and favors.  Everyone had a great time, especially the cute little birthday boy.  He ran from one animal to the next with a handful of hay, and had a great time seeing his friends!  It was a perfect morning, and I’m so glad I was able to help capture it!

2nd birthday party - barn themed with petting zoo

Horse rides second birthday party

2nd birthday barn party - haystack

Boy's second birthday party - barn animals

I know I’ve been pretty behind in blogging and I am going to get caught up this month for sure!  Things have been busy around here and they will continue to be through November!  Stay tuned for some cute newborn photos, maternity photos, and of course family photos coming to the blog soon!