What to Expect

A typical session runs around an hour long, and is held at an outdoor, public location.  A few notes on what to expect, and tips for a successful session:

  • Location – I try to suggest locations with good lighting at different times of day, and availability of some semi-private areas that back up to interesting backgrounds, such as trees, textured walls, lakes or fountains, or city views.  If you have a suggestion or a specific location in mind, just let me know!  In-home photos for a more “lifestyle” feel or for younger babies is also an option that we can discuss.
  • Poses – I will be asking you to get into some simple poses, and it will probably feel a bit silly for everyone involved!  However what may feel silly at the time will look warmer and more flattering in the photos.  Don’t be afraid to get close together and to always be touching in some way — hands on shoulders and around waists, holding hands, etc.  Just come feeling a little “loose” and if you laugh because you feel awkward, that’ll be even better so that we get some real smiles!
  • Props – Depending on the location, I may come with a few small props to use, such as a kid-sized chair, or a blanket.  Feel free to bring anything you would like to include as well — especially if you think it will be both attractive and a useful distraction for young kids.
  • Outfit changes – if you would like to take pictures in two different outfits, that is perfectly fine with me!  Just let me know in advance and we can plan to be somewhere with a restroom or other private room to change clothes.  If you are looking for help on what to wear, check out some of my tips here.
  • For the kids – for young children, don’t forget to bring a typical parent arsenal of extra milk, and snacks like Cheerios or yogurt bites (nothing messy).  Try to make sure that they’ve had a snack and have had their typical day’s nap before the session starts to ward off crankiness.  Come with a lot of patience!  We will be sure to capture your child’s boundless energy or moody tendencies beautifully, too!
  • Details – Before you arrive at a session, do think about the details.  Watch out for chipped nail polish, wear flattering accessories (maybe remove a neon wristband, for example), that sort of thing.

After the Session

  • You can expect to see some “sneak peek” photos on my Blog a few days after the session.  Within 2 weeks I will provide you with your full gallery of images in an online proofing (watermarked) gallery.
  • Images will be lightly retouched in Photoshop.  If you have any specific concerns, please raise them with me, and I will be sure to focus my editing on these areas.
  • From the proofing gallery you will select the images you’d like to purchase — whether that is 1 image or all of them!  I have several a la carte options for prints and digital files, as well as collections that package together a combination of digital and print products.  Please see my pricing page for more detail.  There are no order minimums.
  • If you are interested in custom products, such as a collage or album, let me know and I can work with you to develop this.


  • Best timing for newborn photos is when the baby is 5-14 days old.  This is when they are at their sleepiest, and you will want to cherish images of them so tiny because it passes quickly!
  • Newborn sessions are typically much longer in length than other types of sessions, since newborns run on their own schedules and it takes time to get them ready to pose in between feedings and periods of fussiness.
  • Newborn sessions are conducted in-home, and are typically done mid-morning.
  • I will ask you to identify a few areas around your home with great natural lighting, for example near windows.
  • I will bring blankets and a few other props, but I definitely encourage you to identify a few items of your own that are sentimental and can be included in the shoot.
  • The morning of the shoot, please keep your home fairly warm (80 degrees+).  This helps Baby to keep snoozing.  I will also be bringing a space heater.
  • Mom and Dad, I know you are exhausted!  But if you can, be groomed and ready to be in a few shots with your baby.  Later, you (and your child) will want a few pictures of yourselves with the baby where you are not totally frazzled, and this is the perfect opportunity!
  • If you would like to have older siblings in the photos with your baby, please let me know ahead of time so that I can plan the shoot accordingly.