What to Wear

General Families and Couples Wardrobe Tips

  • What-Wear-1Coordinating colors and patterns are great; matching is usually not (there are some exceptions to this, of course!).  One resource for choosing a color palette is Adobe Kuler.  You may also want to turn to Polyvore or Pinterest for more ideas.  We do want contrast, so keep in mind where we will be shooting — if we’re going to be primarily in front of trees, don’t wear a lot of green.
  • Consider varying the pants a little bit — ie, don’t have everyone wearing the same pair of jeans.  Maybe Dad & kids can wear jeans and Mom can wear a dress; or Mom wears jeans and Dad wears khakis; or Parents wear jeans and daughter wears a dress.  Just mix it up however you feel comfortable.
  • Try for casual, but polished.  Avoid graphic tees or prominent logos.  Don’t “overdo it,” either, with fancy occasion dresses (unless that is specifically something you’re aiming for, like for a child’s first birthday).  Avoid fabrics that wrinkle easily.
  • What-Wear-3Solids and simple patterns — such as plaids, stripes, polka dots — are great, but be careful not to mix too many of them.  A great idea is for kids to wear different, coordinating colors of the same pattern (plaid shirts, striped shirts); or for one person to wear a pattern and for the others to wear solids that use the same color palette.  Stay away from anything too “loud” — we want the focus to be on you and not your clothes!
  • Consider which cuts of clothes are the most flattering.  Shirts with three-quarter sleeves, for example, are flattering on many.  Avoid articles of clothing that need constant adjustment (to keep bra straps from showing, for example).
  • Pick clothes you are comfortable in, and try on everything before coming to the shoot.  If you’re still in doubt the night before, lay out your outfits and snap a picture with your phone to email me — I’ll do my best to give you tips!
  • What-Wear-2For maternity photos, choose something form-fitting to show off the shape of your belly.  I also like solids or subtle patterns (rather than bold patterns, which may distract from your shape), in either bold colors or soft neutrals.

Makeup Tips

  • Apply your makeup in bright, natural light if possible, so that you can see how it will look in the photos and will allow you to apply makeup more evenly.
  • Consider using a smoothing primer, such as Benefit Porefessional or Too Faced Primed & Poreless, or L’Oreal Magic Perfecting Base — just a few examples.
  • What-Wear-4For foundation and makeup, matte photographs better than shimmery.
  • Don’t be afraid to play up your eyes, but try to use matte or satin neutral shades.  Anything too dark or bold may look a bit garish in photos, or may make your eyes appear smaller than they are.  For eyeliner, be careful not to use too much liner on the inner rim.  Definitely wear mascara!
  • You may want to apply a little more blush than normal (again, avoiding shimmery blush), as the camera may wash out your natural flush.
  • Choose lip color that is neutral and close to your natural lip tone.  For example, you could use a pink-neutral lip pencil to line and fill your lips, then add gloss over.