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A Big Happy Family | Houston Family Photographer

I’m a little behind on blogging lately — life has been pretty hectic around here lately!  But I’m excited to share this fun family’s session from two weeks ago.  This big family is a little bit Brady Bunch-esque in the makeup of their family, but you can tell that everyone gets along so well and everyone has a great sense of humor!  It made my job easy to capture the fun.

Houston extended family photo session

Family groupings at extended family session by Buffalo Bayou

Three generations - grandmother with adult daughters and granddaughter

Extended family sitting around baby on blanket

Everyone loves the baby! Extended family photo session

Mom and dad with baby - Family Portrait in Houston, Texas

The Wang Family | Houston Family Photographer

This family was so sweet with their 18 month old daughter!  She was so playful and fun, and even though she was a little shy at first, she was ready to run after warming up to me.  I loved her sense of style and we had a great time getting some energy out on a Saturday morning.  Even better? We barely missed some much-appreciated rain, that started rolling through the bayou area about fifteen minutes after we ended our session!  So glad we got lucky and captured this fun little girl’s personality.

Gemma is One! | Houston Family Photographer

I loved seeing this little girl and her family again, especially now that she is turning one!  We met along Buffalo Bayou inside the loop, and Gemma was in a great mood, even with the heat. She has such an intentional way about her, and it was fun to see her observe me with my camera, and play with her sweet doll.  I loved the story behind this family heirloom, and think it’s wonderful that she has been able to enjoy the same handmade toy that her mom did as a baby.  I hope she has a great first birthday!

Family with daughter - first birthday photos

Girl in navy and white dress - one year old

Baby girl held to standing

Girl with red flower headband - one year old photos

One year old with family - Houston photos

Adorable one year old girl

One Year for Dani & Chris | Houston Couple Photographer

I had a great time with Dani and Chris as we took photos for their first anniversary together last week!  This was my last July mini session, and a great way to wrap up a busy month.  I really enjoyed hearing about their fun destination wedding in Hawaii, and I could only think about how (a) I wish I could go back in time and have an amazing destination wedding!, and (b) I wish I had gotten professional photos done on our first anniversary, too, because marriage before kids is such an important time to enjoy and remember!  I am already nostalgic about those years so I am glad that Dani and Chris contacted me to capture it for them!

Couple under magnolia trees for first anniversary photos

Couple photos in evening light for anniversary

Couples portrait - outdoors

Couples anniversary photos

Backlit photo of couple for anniversary

Auntie Love | Personal Photos

We couldn’t be more excited for Elodie’s auntie Tosha as she prepares to move out of the country next month! But obviously there is also a painful part of this, because it means we have to say goodbye for now. She has been such a wonderful aunt to both of our kids, and Elodie loves the nights when she stops by and reads her stories and gets her to bed. It will be so different not to have her aunt nearby, but of course we will make sure to see each other and talk often, with video chat.  We had this photo session together one morning last week along Buffalo Bayou, and watching their happy faces playing together in this field just makes my heart swell.  We got some beautiful images that I know will go on the walls of both of our homes, as a sweet reminder that we are a family, near and far.