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Back in Houston!

Wow, a full two years later — I’m back! We moved back at the end of last year, and it’s taken me a while to get back into the swing of things on the photography front.  I’ve mainly photographed close friends and family (and, obviously, my own kids) over the last 8 months, but I’ve slowly started taking on clients again… Just in time for fall and family portraits. Let me know if you’d like to book a session this September through November.

In the meantime, here’s an end-of-summer photo I took recently of my own sweaty kids after a bit of running around at the park.


Fun in the Blue Trees | Houston Family Photographer

I had an awesome time on Sunday with this fun and silly family of five!  Everyone had so much energy and of course, everyone was fascinated with the blue trees art installation, but mainly as a backdrop for more fun activities like hide-and-seek.  I was exhausted when I got home, but I bet these little ones were just getting started for the day!

Kids being silly for family photo session in Houston blue trees

Family photo in Houston's blue trees

Little girl in grass - toddler photos

Fun family in Houston blue trees

Baby in bow tie photos

Toddler sibling photos - playing hide and seek

Three Brothers | Sugar Land Child Photographer

These three boys have the most AMAZING genes, don’t you think?  My cousin Sara makes the most handsome boys and I love it!  I was so excited to photograph them for the start of summer, and her youngest son will be six month olds (already) next week.  Compare that with her oldest, who just finished Kindergarten last week.  Such precious times for this family… enjoy the summer with all three of your kiddos!  And Happy Father’s Day to Matt!

Three brothers portraits

Dean is 6 months old! Photos

Three brothers who love each other - photos

Photos of three brothers, 6 months to almost 6 years

Heather’s Beautiful Family | Houston Child Photographer

This is the final post of my “Mother’s Day” mini sessions — you may recall that the night before the last mini session date was very wet and rainy in Houston.  As a result, the ground was pretty soggy and, in places, muddy.  We decided that morning to reschedule Heather’s session, since she has two little ones and they both have so much energy that we would have ended up with a big mess that day.  Instead, we met up in the same park this past Saturday, when conditions were much drier!  Plus, we enlisted her husband’s help with the kids, and got some really cute shots of the whole family.  I just loved their sweet daughter, and their son is so very pensive and serious, which I think is captured here!  One of my favorite moments of the session was when his sister picked up a bird feather and was threatening to tickle him with it… his response?  “That has germs”!  Happy belated Mother’s Day to Heather, you’ve raised your kids right!

Heather Family and Sibling Photos

Heather Siblings - Menil Park

Heather Family Photo - Menil Park

My other favorite moment from the session was at the very end, when this little guy asked me if I could take just one more picture — then he ran over to this tree and sat down!  His sister followed right behind and we got this cute shot!

Heather Siblings - Menil Park

P.S., if you recognize Heather from elsewhere on the website, it is because I photographed her twin sister back in February!

Tanner Family | Houston Babies & Family Photographer

Along with hundreds of other Houstonians during beautiful weather, I was at Hermann Park on Sunday afternoon with the Tanner Family.  I met Michelle along with her husband and beautiful kids for some photos, and I have to say, I’m so impressed with their parenting skills!  They are my heroes — twin baby boys under 6 months old, an active (but so sweet) toddler, and a Big Kid, all under the same roof!  And the whole bunch did great for family pictures.  I really enjoyed meeting this family and am glad they were willing to brave the park crowds!