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Keisha and Andrew, Waiting on Baby | Houston Maternity Photographer

I met Keisha and Andrew at Discovery Green on Sunday and it was a beautiful summer day!  Hot, but beautiful, and many families were out enjoying the park and free live music.  I was amazed by Keisha’s awesome style, and for daring to rock such cute shoes while pregnant!  My own balance is nowhere near good enough for that!  I loved meeting this fun couple while they wait on their precious little girl to arrive.

Keisha's maternity photos - backlit in the park

Keisha's maternity photos - collage

Keisha's maternity photos - excited couple

Keisha's maternity photos - beautiful black & white

Keisha's maternity photos - big expectations

My Daughter at 18 months | Personal Photos

Quick share of this sweet photo of my daughter.  I actually took this a couple of weeks ago, right when she turned 18 months old.  We have been spending a lot of quality time with her lately (doing many “enriched” activities like the museum, the zoo, the arboretum, parks, swimming lessons, and on and on).  This is partly because she’s developing so much these days, and also because we are anticipating the impending arrival of our son in a few weeks’ time.  It’s such a crazy thought that she won’t be our only baby anymore!

McGovern_335 edit web

Laura and Dave | Downtown Houston Photographer

I spent this morning with one of my favorite couples, Laura and Dave.  Laura is an old friend and colleague of mine, and Dave is the most interesting man in Houston (not really, but sort of).  We walked together along Buffalo Bayou through Sesquicentiennial Park in downtown Houston for some photos.  The weather was beautiful for us, and though the morning started out a bit cold, it turned out to be a fantastic, clear, sunny day that never quite got hot.  March weather is one of my favorite things about living in Houston, and if I’m ever looking for more reasons to love Houston, this couple is who I go to — they are what I would call “in the know” and they can always share different tidbits about anything from the Heights history to favorite coffee shops.  Here are some pictures from today:


McGovern Family | Houston Photographer

We spent this afternoon running around after a very active and sweet toddler in Discovery Green.  Vanessa and Mike are friends and neighbors of mine, and it has been so fun to watch their son grow up (just a few short months behind our daughter).  I never dreamed he would have this much energy, but we had a blast taking family pictures in downtown Houston today.  Just look at that playful spirit!  Vanessa and I were chatting about how we think this may be one of those “best” times that we look back on — just like that sweet 6-8 month stage before crawling starts, at 14-18 months old kids are on the cusp of some big changes.  It’s so important to cherish it, even if it’s exhausting!

Tosha and Jim | Houston Downtown Couples Photographer

Although this has been a gray and dreary weekend, my sister-in-law Tosha and her boyfriend Jim were patient and willing to brave the elements when schedules (and the weather) lined up for some photos downtown.  We walked around Houston’s theater district together this afternoon.  This is definitely a happy couple with a great sense of humor, and we had a lot of fun despite the gray!  Here are a few shots from today.