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Ten on Ten: May | Personal Photos

This month, I brought my camera along with me for some rare visits by family and friends from the US, as we toured around in Singapore and in Phuket, Thailand. These photos are from a recent visit by a friend from work, here on business; she had a chance to tour Chinatown and the famous Sentosa aquarium with some other colleagues, so I took her to two other uniquely Singaporean spots.

The first set were all taken at the National Orchid Garden, at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. I probably went a little crazy with bokeh, but I couldn’t resist! The garden is basically nothing but orchids, bromeliads, and other lush tropical greenery, like ginger and aloe vera. It was beautiful.

After so much natural beauty, I took my friend to what is probably the most bizarre spot I’ve visited in Asia so far. It’s a “theme park” from the 1930’s called Haw Par Villa, and it’s basically a collection of painted statues and figurines depicting scenes from Chinese Buddhism and Confucianism. The most famous section of the park is one that shows the ten levels of hell, illustrating the various torments awaiting those who commit specific sins. It was a pretty hilarious trip.

Thanks for looking! Now you can click through to Felicia’s blog to see her ten.

Tulips | Flower Macro Photos

I received these tulips for Mother’s Day from my husband, and they were so gorgeous!  Tulips are possibly my favorite flower — my wedding bouquet consisted of yellow & white tulips, yellow & white roses, and white hydrangea — and this colorful Mother’s Day bouquet lasted for several days, which I can never seem to get cut tulips to do.  Don’t they just make you happy?

Speaking of happy, we have had a happy and busy last week or so!  We’re in the process of selling our home and moving from our current location, just south of the Heights, to the Upper Kirby area. Our family is so excited, but there’s a lot to be done!  So you may see me blogging a little less over the next couple of weeks as we deal with all of that.  June will be a great month for photos, I’m so excited about all of the sessions that are coming up!  I’m now booking for July, so contact me to book today!

May Flowers | Flower Macro Photos

I picked up these flowers on Thursday of last week, when we were having all that strange weather.  Daily rain isn’t that unusual for this time of year, obviously — April showers bring May flowers — but the rain brought with it a very unseasonable cold front.  I think last week we broke a record for lowest low temperature in Houston for this late in the spring.  I’ve heard a surprising number of friends complain about this, but honestly, what could be better than mild temperatures when the sun comes out?  We had a beautiful weekend and I’m sure we’ll all be wishing for a random cold front a month from now when our highs are in the 90s.  Let’s enjoy all the beautiful greenery before the sun scorches away our more delicate plants!

Bright Colors | Flower Macro Photos

I haven’t been running many errands since I’ve been home with the baby, so I asked my husband to pick up some flowers when he went to the store… and he returned with these very brightly dyed gerbera daisies!  We’ve laughed a bit about how tacky they are, but our daughter loves them, and I actually think these photos would look great framed in her room.  So, here are some shots to brighten your day, and all of my flower photos are available for purchase at this link.

I will be returning to photograph some baby and family portrait sessions this week, so watch the blog for some sneak peeks this weekend!  And contact me to schedule your session for June or July!

And, for those who think the colors are a bit much, one in black and white as well:

Flowers on my Birthday

As a continuation of my weekly project to photograph flowers, the last two weeks are below: a pretty succulent that I picked up the week before Ben was born, and an orchid that we were given at the hospital.

If you’re interested in any of these images, gallery to order prints is here.