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Ten on Ten: August | Personal Photos

For this month’s ten on ten, I’m sharing photos from our long weekend trip to Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) in Vietnam. No, I would not recommend anyone with young children to ever travel there — logistics and safety -wise, it was an absolute nightmare — but we’re glad to be able to put into context some history and to have seen a taste of a culture totally outside of our everyday. We stayed at the Hotel Continental Saigon, which is right in the middle of the old French society, and also the center of a lot of history with the Vietnam war journalist scene. On this particular day, we ventured out to see the Jade Emperor Pagoda, and spent the afternoon lounging around Dong Khoi street (the old Rue Catinat) near our hotel.

As with most outings, we couldn’t miss getting some Ca Phe Sua Da, or iced sweet coffee (intense filtered coffee with condensed milk).

The Jade Emperor Pagoda was a lot less polished-looking than our guidebook had led us to believe, but it seemed to be a legitimate place of buddhist/confucianist/taoist worship of some kind — there were a lot of people lighting up incense, and quietly making offerings and praying.

Back on Dong Khoi at the former Place Garnier… we had a great view of the Opera House, and it was just a few steps away.

This view of our hotel really showcases the traffic situation, and the general ambience of Ho Chi Minh City. Motorbikes everywhere, and every which way. No lines on the streets, no order, no right of way — just filth-spewing bikes speeding past every intersection, and sometimes onto the sidewalks themselves. Oh my!

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Ten on Ten: July | Personal Photos

I got a little experimental tonight, with my birthday present: my new Lensbaby! It’s a composer pro with Sweet 35 optic. I’m still getting the hang of it, and I wouldn’t say my shots had a lot of focus (har har, pun intended) or purpose, but it was fun to play with it for the very first time on this outing to Marina Bay. It seems like so many of my monthly ten photos take place in this area, but I promise I don’t just hang around there, snapping photos! We went tonight with my parents, who are visiting us for the first time in Singapore. Hopefully later this week I will get some cute shots of them with my kids, but for those I will go back to my regular lenses, of course.

We started at the Shoppes at Marina Bay. It’s a swanky mall connected to the casino, and on the bay they have a nightly light show, of which we caught a couple of minutes. I would say that the most breathtaking views were not the light show, but the buildings themselves, and the view across the water.

The walk from the back of the Shoppes leads along the bay towards a big Science and Art Museum; this is another iconic Marina Bay building, as it looks like a little white blooming flower.

We walked on, to the Helix bridge, which is lit up very brightly at night with purple lights. It looks very science fiction, and it’s really nice to stroll across it toward the Flyer.

The Flyer at night is definitely more compelling than in the daytime. The views of the city lit up are breathtaking, a little bit surreal, and I’m so glad to be able to share those views with my parents during their visit.

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Ten on Ten: May | Personal Photos

This month, I brought my camera along with me for some rare visits by family and friends from the US, as we toured around in Singapore and in Phuket, Thailand. These photos are from a recent visit by a friend from work, here on business; she had a chance to tour Chinatown and the famous Sentosa aquarium with some other colleagues, so I took her to two other uniquely Singaporean spots.

The first set were all taken at the National Orchid Garden, at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. I probably went a little crazy with bokeh, but I couldn’t resist! The garden is basically nothing but orchids, bromeliads, and other lush tropical greenery, like ginger and aloe vera. It was beautiful.

After so much natural beauty, I took my friend to what is probably the most bizarre spot I’ve visited in Asia so far. It’s a “theme park” from the 1930’s called Haw Par Villa, and it’s basically a collection of painted statues and figurines depicting scenes from Chinese Buddhism and Confucianism. The most famous section of the park is one that shows the ten levels of hell, illustrating the various torments awaiting those who commit specific sins. It was a pretty hilarious trip.

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Ten on Ten: March | Personal Photos

I’m participating in a blog circle with several other woman photographers this year, in which we post ten photos on the tenth of each month. These ten photos are meant to tell the story of a day.

My ten this month were taken on Saturday, March 8th. This was our first full day with our new (long term rental) car, so we could explore more of Singapore with (and without) the kids.

First, we spent the morning relaxing at home, and watched some Mickey.

And here’s that car. Our first station wagon.

We drove over to the Singapore Flyer, one of the most tourist-trap locations in the entire city, but something we hadn’t managed to do together pre-car. Ben and Elodie scrambled around within the little cab as we went around the big wheel and saw the city. It was a bit hazy, so I don’t have any ‘wow’ photos from the top, but we’re all glad that we checked that box.

Afterwards, we walked down to the youth olympic field and Helix Bridge to take a look at the bay, but got way too hot and returned home.

At home, we had nap time, and Elodie read some of her favorite books (she loves this one, Meg and Mog).

That evening, after the kids had dinner, my husband and I went back out to the Marina Bay area to finally see it together at night. We ate dinner at a restaurant in the top level of a building just off the water, so we had a great view of the resort. It was a delicious (and swanky) meal. The only unfortunate thing about the evening was the haze — Indonesia has already started its annual burning, so the past few days have been smoky.

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