Ten on Ten: April | Personal Photos

My ten photos this month were taken at the Singapore Zoo. This was our third trip to the zoo in the last month, as we just got our membership, and have enjoyed our improved mobility (with the car that we got last month). Taken on April 6th — all with a 35mm lens, for scale. Often at zoos, I see people with really long lenses, which makes sense if you want to capture the animals for themselves.. but as I am generally looking to remember our experience, I like the 35mm perspective!

1. Monkeys, eating peanuts. Just inside the entrance — ‘free range’ and I could have reached up and touched them. The Singapore Zoo is so unlike most zoos in the US; instead of fences and glass cages, in general there is much more interaction with the animals, and separation is by pits and minimal distance instead.

2. Lily pads.

3. A bat! This is in the “fragile forest” attraction, which is an area that you enter and in which you are free to interact with free roaming bats, butterflies, mousedeer (the craziest looking animals ever), lemurs, birds, sloths… there is even a pond with sting rays. Again, taking into account that I was using a 35mm lens, you can imagine how close I was to this guy.

4. A butterfly at a feeding station in the “fragile forest”

5. These birds made the craziest sounds — like a thumping bass instead of a squawk.

6. Some ring-tailed lemurs, crawling above us.

7. This experience gave me the creeps… good thing Elodie is fearless.

8. This is a monkey called a gibbon. They are the most laidback, fun little monkeys — they look like they have on white gloves, and they just swing along the trees.

9. On our way out, after eating lunch, Ben fell asleep in the stroller. This is Elodie trying to wake him up.

10. Finally, when we got home, I baked some chocolate chip cookies. It’s so funny, but you really don’t see chocolate chip cookies here, ever. It’s not really in the southeast Asian style to have sweet cookies for desserts or tea, as they snack on fruit and sometimes sweet sticky rice and things. Then, the only cookies you find in stores are “digestives”, biscuits in the British style, which are harder, crunchy cookies. Mine ended up spreading out a little bit too much, so I wish they were thicker and chewier, but they hit the spot.

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