Ten on Ten: February | Personal Photos

I’m participating in a blog circle with several other woman photographers this year, in which we post ten photos on the tenth of each month. These ten photos are meant to tell the story of a day.

My ten this month were taken on January 31st, Chinese New Year. Gong Xi Fa Cai!

We had another low-key day off, as we’ve only just moved into our new apartment in the last two days. The building(s) in these photos are all our new apartment building — after lounging around in the morning, we took a long walk around the complex and played on two of the playgrounds. We came back for naptime and snacks (Elodie napped with a rock she picked up, which was her little precious for the day), and then took another walk to a nearby park, called HortPark. The park had lots of different and vibrant plants, and then there were some great kids’ play areas, too — I can tell that we will visit there often. We came home, ate dinner, and ended the day with the kids watching Elodie’s favorite movie, Monsters Inc.

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2 thoughts on “Ten on Ten: February | Personal Photos

  1. Jessica

    You have such an exciting life full of adventures! I love the pops of red throughout this series – each image is simple and yet tells a story of your sweet family celebrating the CNY! Love!

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